NEW! In The eShop: Hydra-Matic Super Turbine 300 Slim Jim DynaFlow Jetaway Turboglide Flashaway Manuals!

 1964 Oldmobile Slim Jim Transmission

We are pleased to announce the latest release from the Backyard Engineering Team!

The result of several months effort, it covers the older GM Hydra-Matic and related automatic transmissions used in General Motors and other vehicles from 1948 to 1969. This manual features Adjustments, Rebuilding, performance modifications, and real world tips and tricks.

It also is an invaluable reference for sourcing parts and services for your automatic transmission rebuild.This fantastic manual is only available right now, exclusively in our NEW online eShop!

By popular demand, we have developed our online bookstore so that you can securely purchase without the added hassle of an auction site.

Enter the Bookstore!

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