NEW! Just Released: Turbo-Hydramatic 375 400 425 Manuals!

1974 C3 Corvette Turbo-Hydramatic 400 Transmission (on left)

We are pleased to announce the latest release from the Backyard Engineering Team!

The result of several months effort, it covers the heavy duty Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmissions used in General Motors products from 1964 and up. This manual features Adjustments, Rebuilding, performance modifications, and real world tips and tricks. It includes special attention to the FWD versions in the Eldorado and Toronado, and tips on the “Switch Pitch” versions.

It also is an invaluable reference for sourcing parts and services for your automatic transmission rebuild.This fantastic manual is only available right now, on eBay.

This is a list of currently available products for worldwide shipment:

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