NEW Shopping Site To Be Released Soon!

FIRST, let us apologize sincerely to the many customers (too many) who have had problems with our online store in 2017. It seems the payment function was broken, and no good way to fix it. BUT, we are transitioning to a new format in 2018 to allow Digital Downloads! We see the writing on the wall as optical disks slowly disappear. This new store will appear over the next few months, and we appreciate your patience. In the meantime, you will always be able to find the physical disks on eBay by searching for auctions by user CSOA.

We will post a new column when the new shopping site is ready for downloads, and explain the process to ease the transition. One nice side benefit of Digital Downloads: if you are in the garage and stuck on the bench and need a resource, you can download the info with your smartphone, and have it on the screen in minutes! Is this progress or what?! Of course, getting the grease off the phone is YOUR problem, sorry 🙁